Brian Kingston
2022-04-20 16:00:14 ( CDT )

Not at all

2022-04-20 15:56:26 ( CDT )

Hi Elon - it's Brian Kingston at Brookfield . There was an article today in the FT that said we ( Brookfield ) have " decided against providing an equity cheque " for a Twitter buyout . I just wanted to let you know that didn't come from us- we would never comment ( on or off the record ) about something like that , particularly when it relates to one of our partners . We appreciate all that we are doing on solar together and you allowing us to participate in the Boring Co raise this week . While I'm sure you don't believe anything you read in the FT anyway , I'm sorry if the article caused any aggravation . If there is anything we can do to be helpful , please do let me know .