Friday, June 17, 22 at 1:54PM
If I understood them correctly , Ned and Parag said that cash expenditures over the next 12 months will be $ 78 and that cash receipts will also be $ 7B . However , the cash receipts number doesn't seem realistic , given that they expect only $ 1.28 in Q2 , which is just $ 4.8B annualized .
Jason Calacanis
Thursday, May 12, 22 at 10:51PM
You should raise your offer
Tuesday, May 10, 22 at 10:23AM
Hi Elon This is Peter and my numbers . Look forward to being helpful Bob
Michael Kives
Tuesday, May 10, 22 at 9:57AM
Have any time to see Philippe Laffont in Vancouver tomorrow ?
Michael Grimes
Monday, May 9, 22 at 5:52AM
Do you have 5 minutes to connect on possible meeting tomorrow I believe you will want to take ?
David Sacks
Thursday, May 5, 22 at 9:57PM
John Elkann
Thursday, May 5, 22 at 5:40PM
Sorry , I have to be at Twitter HQ tomorrow aftemoon for due diligence .
James Murdoch
Thursday, May 5, 22 at 11:34AM
Thank you . I will link you up . Also will call when some of the dust settles . Hope all's ok .
Sam BF
Thursday, May 5, 22 at 10:45AM
Sorry , who is sending this message ?
Sean Parker
Sunday, May 1, 22 at 3:17PM
Am at my Mom's apartment , doing Twitter diligence calls
Steve Jurvetson
Friday, April 29, 22 at 8:37PM
Reid Hoffman
Thursday, April 28, 22 at 5:05PM
Great . I will put you in touch with Satya .
Jared Birchall, Reid Hoffman
Thursday, April 28, 22 at 5:05PM
Very nice to connect , Reid . What is the best email to reach you at ?
Jared Birchall, Sam BF
Thursday, April 28, 22 at 5:05PM
Hey !
Jared Birchall, Reid Hoffman
Thursday, April 28, 22 at 4:08PM
Connecting Reid Hoffman and Jared Birchall . Jared runs my family office .
Jared Birchall, Sam BF
Thursday, April 28, 22 at 2:22PM
Elon - connecting you with SBF .
Bret Taylor
Thursday, April 28, 22 at 12:12PM
This is Bret Taylor . Let me know when you have a minute to speak today . Just got off with Parag and I know he is eager to speak with you today as well . Flexible all day
Brian Acton
Wednesday, April 27, 22 at 11:23PM
Trying to figure out what to do with Twitter DMs . They should be end to end encrypted ( obv ) . Dunno if better to have redundancy with Signal or integrate it .
Wednesday, April 27, 22 at 10:02PM
Hi Elon .. Let me know when you have time to chat . Can do tomorrow evening or weekend . Look forward to it . Thx Satya
Viv Hantusch
Wednesday, April 27, 22 at 9:40PM
From a social perspective - Twitter allowing for high quality video uploads ( 1080p at a minimum ) & adding a basic in - app video editor would have quite a big impact I think . Especially useful for citizen journalism & fun educational content . Might even help Twitter regain market share lost to TikTok
Satya, Reid Hoffman
Wednesday, April 27, 22 at 9:36PM
Elon , Satya : as indicated , this connects the two of you by text and phone .
Tim Urban
Wednesday, April 27, 22 at 8:44PM
Larry Ellison, Martha Twitter NomGov
Wednesday, April 27, 22 at 8:21PM
Sure .
Wednesday, April 27, 22 at 6:57PM
Hi Elon , This is Maddie , Larry Ellison's assistant . Larry asked that I connect the head of his family office , Paul Marinelli , with the head of yours . Would you please share their contact details ? Alternatively , please provide them with Paul's : Cell : XXX-XXX-XXXX Email :
jack jack
Tuesday, April 26, 22 at 9:57PM
Yes , a new platform is needed . It can't be a company . This is why I left .
James Murdoch, Kathryn Murdoch
Tuesday, April 26, 22 at 8:30PM
Will you bring back Jack ?
Antonio Gracias
Tuesday, April 26, 22 at 8:24PM
Wow ... I saw your tweet re free speech . Wtf is going on Elon ...
Tuesday, April 26, 22 at 1:59PM
Would love to talk . Please let me know what time works - I'm super flexible . -Parag
Mike Pop
Tuesday, April 26, 22 at 1:40PM
Want to be a strategic advisor to Twitter if this works out ?
James Musk
Monday, April 25, 22 at 9:42PM
Congrats ! Super important to solve the bot problem .
Adeo Ressi
Monday, April 25, 22 at 3:03PM
Would love you to buy Twitter and fix it .
Dr Jabour
Sunday, April 24, 22 at 11:28PM
Hi E , Pain settling down ? Time for a latter - day Guttenburg to bring back free speech buy Twitter . ..... and
Kimbal Musk
Sunday, April 24, 22 at 11:02PM
I have an idea for a blockchain social media system that does both payments and short text messages / links like twitter . You have to pay a tiny amount to register your message on the chain , which will cut out the vast majority of spam and bots . There is no throat to choke , so free speech is guaranteed .
Larry Ellison
Sunday, April 24, 22 at 10:51PM
Elon , I'd like to chat with you in the next day or so ... I do think we need another Twitter
Joe Rogan
Saturday, April 23, 22 at 6:11PM
Are you going to liberate Twitter from the censorship happy mob ?
James Gorman
Saturday, April 23, 22 at 1:41AM
Thanks James , your unwavering support is deeply appreciated . Elon
BL Lee
Friday, April 22, 22 at 11:37AM
i have a twitter ceo candidate for you - bill gurley / benchmark . they were early investors as well so know all the drama . want to meet him ?
Jared Birchall
Friday, April 22, 22 at 2:46AM
Larry Ellison is interested in being part of the Twitter take - private
Ulared Birchall
Thursday, April 21, 22 at 1:30AM
The idea of blockchain free speech has been around for a long time . The questions are really about how to implement it .
Brian Kingston
Wednesday, April 20, 22 at 4:00PM
Not at all
Gayle King
Monday, April 18, 22 at 4:51PM
Gayle here ! Have you missed me ( smile ) Are you ready for to do a proper sit down with me so much to discuss ! especially with your twitter play ... what do I need to do ???? Ps I like a twitter edit feature with a 24 hour time limit ... we all say shit we regret want to take back in the heat of the moment ...
Egon Durban
Sunday, April 17, 22 at 8:28PM
Hi - if you have a few moments call anytime ? Flying to UK
Joe Lonsdale
Saturday, April 16, 22 at 2:12PM
I love your " Twitter algorithm should be open source " tweet - I'm actually speaking to over 100 members of congress tomorrow at the GOP policy retreat and this is one of the ideas I'm pushing for reigning in crazy big tech . Now I can cite you so I'll sound less crazy myself :) . Our public squares need to not have arbitrary sketchy censorship .
Omead Afshar
Friday, April 15, 22 at 4:51PM
Thank you for what you're doing . We all love you and are always behind you ! Not having a global platform that is truly free speech is dangerous for all . Companies are all adopting some form of content moderation and it's all dependent on ownership on how it shifts and advertisers paying them , as you've said .
Jake Sherman
Thursday, April 14, 22 at 3:08PM
Hey Elon my name is Jake Sherman . I'm a reporter with Punchbowl News in Washington 1 cover Congress . Wonder if you're game to talk about how Twitter would change for politics if you were at the helm ?
Mathias Döpfner
Thursday, April 14, 22 at 3:02PM
Why don't you buy Twitter ? We run it for you . And establish a true platform of free speech . Would be a real contribution to democracy .
Steve Davis
Thursday, April 14, 22 at 11:08AM
My Plan B is a blockchain - based version of twitter , where the " tweets " are embedded in the transaction as comments . So you'd have to pay maybe 0.1 Doge per comment or repost of that comment .
Marc Merrill (Riot)
Thursday, April 14, 22 at 11:07AM
Will MacAskill, Sam BF
Thursday, April 14, 22 at 8:30AM
Hey , here's introducing you both , Sam and Elon . You both have interests in games , making the very long - run future go well , and buying Twitter . So I think you'd have a good conversation !
Justin Roiland
Friday, April 8, 22 at 5:52AM
I fucking love that you are majority owner of Twitter . My friends David and Daniel have a program that verifies identity that would be nice to connect to Twitter . As in , if people chose to use it , it could verify that they are a real person and not a troll farm . I should introduce you to them .
Ira Ehrenpreis
Wednesday, April 6, 22 at 1:23AM
If you plan on joining the Nom / Gov or Comp Committees , Imk and I can give you some tips ! Haha !
Jared Birchall, Martha Twitter NomGov
Tuesday, April 5, 22 at 1:55PM
I'm so thrilled you're joining the board . I apologise about the bump of the first agreement I'm not a good manager of lawyers . I really look forward to meeting you .
Monday, April 4, 22 at 6:36PM
So can you bust us out of Twitter jail now lol
Jared Birchall, Martha Twitter NomGov, Bret Taylor, Egon Durban, Self,
Monday, April 4, 22 at 3:51PM
Thank you for considering me for the Twitter board , but , after thinking it over , my current time commitments would prevent me from being an effective board member . This may change in the future . Elon
Martha Twitter NomGov, Bret Taylor, Egon Durban
Monday, April 4, 22 at 12:46PM
Just copying you both to confirm sent agreement - v keen to get this done quickly as per your conversation
Jared Birchall, Martha Twitter NomGov
Monday, April 4, 22 at 12:42PM
Connecting Martha ( Twitter Nom / Gov ) with Jared ( runs my family office ) .
Ken Griffin
Monday, April 4, 22 at 11:15AM
Love it !!
Monday, April 4, 22 at 9:08AM
Congratulations !! The above article was laying out some of the things that might happen : Step 1 : Blame the platform for its users Step 2. Coordinated pressure campaign Step 3 : Exodus of the Bluechecks Step 4 : Deplatforming " But it will not be easy . It will be a war . Let the battle begin . "
Will MacAskill
Friday, April 1, 22 at 11:44AM
Hey - I saw your poll on twitter about Twitter and free speech . I'm not sure if this is what's your mind , but my collaborator Sam Bankman - Fried ( bankman - fried / ? sh - 5b254fbf4449 ) has for a while been potentially interested in purchasing it and then making it better for the world . If you want to talk with him about a possible joint effort in that direction , his number is and he's on Signal .
Bret Taylor, Parag
Friday, April 1, 22 at 1:55AM
Look forward to meeting soon ! Can you let us know when you are able to meet in the Bay Area in the next couple of days ?
Egon Durban, Parag, Bret Taylor, Martha Twitter NomGov
Thursday, March 31, 22 at 3:44AM
Hi everyone Parag ( Ceo ) , Bret ( Chairman ) and Martha ( head of gov ) - You are connected w Elon . He is briefed on my conversations w you . Elon - everyone excited about prospect of you being involved and on board . Next step is for you to chat w three of them so we can move this forward quickly . Maybe we can get this done next few days
Martha Twitter NomGov
Tuesday, March 29, 22 at 11:33AM
Hey Elon , I'm Martha chair of Twitter nomgov- know you've talked to Bret and parag - keen to have a chat when you have time - im in Europe ( also hope covid not too horrible as I hear you have it )
Egon Durban, Self
Sunday, March 27, 22 at 9:05AM
This is Elon . Please call when you have a moment .
Egon Durban, Larry Ellison
Saturday, March 26, 22 at 10:49PM
It is regarding the Twitter board .
Thursday, March 24, 22 at 1:01PM
Can you buy Twitter and then delete it , please !? xx
Alex Stillings
Monday, January 24, 22 at 11:13PM
Elon - are you able to access your Twitter account ok ? I saw a number of emails held in spam . Including some password resets attempts